Yazd as the center of Yazd province is located in the central plateau of Iran. It is located between Shir Kuh between and Kharanaq Mountainous range and in the plain of Yazd-Ardakan. This city is known as the city of “Wind Towers”, “bride of the desert”, “House of Wisdom” and “The City of Bikes”. The approximate population of Yazd is almost 500,000 persons.

Yazd has one of the most glorious and most brilliant cultural heritage and civilization in different historical periods in Iran. The history of human settlement in this region, exceeds the third millennium BC, so that Pishdadian Era, the the migrating tribes from Balkh to Pars called this land “Yazdan” literally means “the land of God” and since then Yazd became a place for worshiping God. The most important centers of early settlement in this land are Mehrpadyn (Mehriz) Fahrshan, Pahreh (Fahraj), Khormysh, Ard (Ardakan), Shavazi, Ghala-e Mubedan (Meybod), Toranj, Aghda and Ashkdaz. Yazd above all of these villages was known as the holy and saint place.

Yazd is known as the city of Zoroastrianism in Iran.


Yazd is the first Clay city and the second historical city of the world. Yazd province is one of the most historical lands of Iran. In some of the historical writtings the base of some the buildings of Yazd such as Meibod to Prophet Solomon, Yazd to Zahhak and Alexander the Macedonian and Abar Kuh to the Prophet Abraham. This represents the ancient history, antiquity and culture of this land. The collection of artifacts scattered in the province, represent the a record history. Researchers and archeologists have counted this area among the Medes distant lands where the ancient highway route (Ray – Kerman) and (Pars – Khorasan) was situated.


Yazd is considered to have a desert climate. In Yazd, there is virtually no rainfall during the year. The average annual temperature is 18.9 °C in Yazd. About 55 mm of precipitation falls annually.Temperature fluctuations in summer and winter during day and night are very variable in this land. Yazd has two seasonal chapters long hot season (from March to October) and short cold season (November to February).

Top Tourist Attractions:

Jame Mosque of Yazd, Dowlat Abad Garden, Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Alexander’s Prison, Zoroastrian Fire Temple, Yazd Water Museum, Zoroastrians Dakhmeh, Yazd Celebrities Museum, Qasr-e-Ayeneh, Yazd Clock Tower , Tower of Silence and etc.

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