Kish Island

Kish Island is one of the islands of Persian Gulf which is owned by Iran. This island is a special zone of Iran. Kish , the elliptical-shaped island is located in the south of Iran, in Hormozgan province. Kish, with the total area of 91. 5 square kilometers and 44 km coastal line has an approximate population of 30,000 and the citizens and residents of the island are called Kishvand”.

Entering the island doesn’t not require visa (even for the foreigners) and this has been an important factor to attract tourists to the island. The airway distance between Kish to Tehran is 1052 kilometers and due to abundant tourist attractions, about a million people even more are attracted to the island annually. Sea water of the island is very clear because of the corals on the island.


From what has been recounted in history books, it is known that the during Achaemenid and Parthian and Sassanian, Kish Island was dominated by Iran and after the spread of Islam, the island was occupied by the Umayyad Caliphs. This continued till 863 when in this year, one of the Iranians from Ray broke his allegiance with the caliph and captured all the islands of Persian Gulf including Kish. In the Seljuk period, Kish became the largest commercial center of the Persian Gulf. At the same time, Qyasareh came to power in Kish. At first they were very poor, but with piracy built up a strong economic base for themselves. Qyasareh rulers who were dominant on the island were descended from someone named “Qais/Qays” (also name of a place in Siraf). That’s how the name of “Kish” was originated.

Since 912 until 1031, Kish was dominated by the Portuguese.

Until the early years of the reign of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Kish island was the center of pearl and fishing trades.

In 1970, a delegation of Iranian and American consultants, visited Kish Island and with regarding its natural, beautiful coral beaches and crystal clear surrounding water, selected Kish as an international tourist center. Shah used state funds to develop the island. All modern infrastructure including hotels, exhibition, airport, casino and resort were built for the king and his family.

Kish Island was selected as the country’s first free economic zone in 1981. The island’s economy is based on tourism.


Kish is hot and humid and has an average annual temperature of 26.6 degrees Celsius. The island‘s climate is influenced by different air masses from north and south and is generally arid and the rainfall is mostly showers in the months of winter.

Top Tourist Attractions:

Greek Ship, Dolphin Park, Harireh Ancient City, Kariz Underground, Grand Recreational Pier, Kolbeh Hoor, Marjan Park and etc.

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