Tomb of Ferdowsi

  The Tomb of Ferdowsi is located 20 kilometers North of Mash’had, in Tus. Surrounded by a pleasant garden the tomb is made of white marble and there is a decorative edifice in honor of Ferdowsi, the Persian poet. The construction of the complex dates back to the early 1930s. There are elements of Achaemenid architecture especially the tomb of Cyrus the Great. The architecture is also influenced by the poet’s own personal life.

There is a famous poem on the tomb in Persian which its English translation is roughly  as follows:

In the name of the God who created life. This place is the resting place of he (Hakim Abul-qasem Ferdowsi Tusi) who has advanced the art of language among Persian speakers, and the holder of the national epic of Iran and its national stories. His words have given a new life to Iran, and he has a place in the hearts of its people.

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