Taq-e Bostan

According to Arthur Pope, the founder of Iranian art and archeology Institute in the USA, “art was characteristic of the Iranian people and the gift which they endowed the world with.”

Taq-e Bostan is a series of large rock relief pertaining to Sassanid era ( 226 to 650 A.D) and located in five km west of Kermanshah in the heart of Zagros montain range. This site has endured over 1700 years of wind and rain. Some of the finest and best-preserved examples of Sassanid Dynasty sculptures and images of investitures of Ardeshir III and Shapur III can be found in the carvings.

Like other Sassanid artworks the carvings highlight power, religious tendencies, honor, glory, the vastness of court, games and fighting spirit and festivities.

The Sassanid kings have chosen a beautiful setting of rock relief along the silk road which is also adjacent to a sacred spring that pours into a large lake at the base of the mountain.


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