Ganjnameh with the literally menaing of “Treasure Epistle” is an ancient inscription located 5 km south-west of hamedan. It is on the side of Alvand Mountain, near a beautiful waterfall.

Carved in granite in two sections the inscription has two parts. The one on the left was carved by the order of Darius the great while the one the right was carved by the order of Xerxes the great (both the kings of Achaemenid Dynasty). The carvings are in three languages; old Persian, Noe-Babylonian and Noe-Elamite.

“The translation of the right section is as folows:

The Great God Ahuramazda, greatest of all the gods, who created the earth and the sky and the people; who made Xerxes king, and outstanding king as outstanding ruler among innumerable rulers; I the great king Xerxes, king of kings, king of lands with numerous inhabitants, king of this vast kingdom with far-away territories, son of the Achaemenid monarch Darius.”

Two modern contemporary carved tablets have been placed in the site’s parking lot with Persian explanation and its English translation.

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