Dowlat Abad Garden

The lush garden of Dowlat Abad is located in Yazd in the center of Iran. It is an authentic example of Persian gardens which was built during Zand Dynesty.

It has the highest wind tower of the world with 33.8 meter height. The total are of the garden is 40000 square meter. The garden contains mirror hall mansion , entrance mansion , ‘Behesht aeen’ mansion , wind tower mansion , harem mansion , Tehran mansion , servants  mansion , kitchens , octagon court, shelter, water storage, carriage house, Summer and winter stables and also has an aqueduct (Qantas) , numerous ponds and water tables in the garden space.

This paradise is full of trees like cypress and pine, flowers like roses and fruit trees such as grapes and pomegranate.

It is one of the registered monuments of Iran and  inscribed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

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