Chehel Sotun

Chehel Sotun which literally means “Forty Columns” in Persian was part of the Safavid Palace Complex and was built in 1510 A.D. It is located in the opposite of Central square of Qazvin and stands amid garden. 

 Qazvin was the capital of Safavid Dynasty between 955/1548. The pavilion itself is generally attributed to ‘Shah Tahmasb’, but the attribution remains uncertain in the absence of a building .inscription

The pavilion had a pointed roof like a hat, that’s why it is poularly called “Kolah Farangi” with the meaning of “the Hat of Franks”.

The pavilion is a 2 story structure. The ground floor is a quadrangular central room with 4 Iwans on each side. There are 8 massive columns around the exterior of the structure. On the second floor, thirty two slender wooden columns exist. Currently the second floor of the Pavilion is the museum of Calligraphy where the best artworks of Qazvin calligraphers are exhibited. 

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